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Motor Home Shades vs. Glass Tinting

Posted on: November 22, 2019 at 4:04 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

RV shades are a really effective way to block out the sun and the heat it produces, as well as its harmful UV rays. But there’s another option for blocking the sun’s rays in your vehicle – glass tinting. Let’s look at the difference between these two options and which is the more effective one.

What is window tinting?

You’ve likely seen cars and motorhomes with tinted glass. The glass is a little darker and your view is obscured when on the outside trying to look in, but those inside the vehicle can still see out. This provides a degree of privacy and security for the owner of the vehicle and those inside it. Whether your view completely obscured or not depends on the level of tinting applied.

Window tinting is achieved by applying a thin film, usually made of polyester, to the glass with a tinting agent. Another benefit of this process is that the tint filters the sunlight so that light is still let through the glass but the majority of UV rays are filtered out. This prevents skin damage and also reduces eye strain from the light.

RV sun shades

RV shades, like those provided by Magne Shade, are dark screens that can be placed over the windshield and windows of your motor home. Similar to tinted glass, these shades provide complete privacy but can still be seen through from the inside. These shades block the sun’s rays rather than filtering them so that up to 93% of UV light is blocked and less light is let in to stop the RV from heating up.

Which is superior?

One of the main concerns in motorhomes is them becoming too hot inside as the sun settles on the large windshield and windows. In this respect, RV shades are much better than tinted glass because they stop the heat from dissipating into the vehicle, whereas tinted glass still lets it through and allows it to insulate behind the glass, heating up the vehicle substantially.

But sun shades also provide an extra layer of insulation between the shade and your windshield, which helps to retain heat inside your RV during cold weather, while tinted glass will easily allow the heat to escape. Another great benefit of windshield shades is that you can remove them and put them back up whenever you need, while glass tinting is a permanent process.

So, if you want to keep your RV cool in summer and warm in winter, while protecting your family from the sun’s harmful rays, order an RV shade from Magne Shade today.

How to Cope with Rain on Your RV Trip

Posted on: November 22, 2019 at 4:01 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

Traveling and taking vacations in an RV gives you lots of flexibility to see more of the country and do lots of fun things. But what happens when your hit with a rainy day? Don’t let it put a damper on your trip. Here are some tips to help you get through the rainy days smiling.

Pick the right place to set up camp

If you know rain is expected, then make sure you pick your spot strategically, especially if you’ll be camping in tents. This isn’t as important if you’re sleeping in your RV, but you still don’t want to be waterlogged when you step outside. Try to avoid setting up camp at the bottom of a slope, for example, where water will be settling.

Bring indoor entertainment

If you find yourself stuck in your RV during heavy rains, make sure you have plenty to do. Cards, board games, portable games consoles, books and e-readers, and your favorite movies or TV show downloaded to a tablet can all keep you entertained for hours from the comfort of your RV.

Pack tarpaulins

Tarps can really save the day when it’s raining. Putting them up around your motorhome provides you with shelter from the rain and means you don’t have to stay cooped up inside the RV. You can sit outside watching the rain, as long as you bring camping chairs or waterproof groundsheets to sit on. You can even fire up a BBQ and cook outside or a campfire to keep everyone warm. If you’re RV has an awning, then this can provide you with shelter, too.

Waterproof clothing

If you’re determined to enjoy the great outdoors despite the weather, make sure you wear your waterproofs to stay as dry as possible in the rain. A good raincoat or poncho is a must, as are waterproof boots. If you’re carrying a backpack on your trip, you can get waterproof covers to keep your belongings dry.

Keep your RV ventilated

It can be harder to keep your RV well-ventilated in cold and wet weather because you’re reluctant to open windows. Vents and fans can help you keep the air flowing. If you have an awning over a window, then setting this up may stop the rain from getting in if you open the sheltered window.

Down let the rain make you call off your next RV trip. Just follow these tips to stay happy and comfortable on your motorhome vacation. And be prepared for all weather with RV shades and tire shades from Magne Shade. Get in touch for our support around Winston Salem, Mocksville, Lewisville, and Bermuda Run.

How to Maintain Your Magne Shade

Posted on: November 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

We’re proud to say that our RV shades are built to last. When you invest in a Magne Shade for your motorhome, you can ensure that it’s high-quality and incredibly durable. Still, the way you look after your motorhome shades can impact how long they last you. With this in mind, we’ve got some tips to help you maintain and look after your shades properly.

Storing your Magne Shade

The most important part of keeping your RV shade in good condition is storing it properly. First of all, make sure your shades are dry before you store them. The best way to pack them away is to roll them, not fold them! If your shade is left folded for long periods of time, then it can become weaker along the creases. Rolling the fabric prevents this.

You should roll your shade in such a way that the magnets are not aligned to repel each other, as this can weaken their force over time. A handy trick is to roll your shade around something, such as a pool noodle, to help it keep its shape. You can also buy a storage bag to make it easier to store away your shades. If you have our tire shades, then these come folded up in a storage bag and are easy to fold away.

Cleaning your RV shade

Occasionally cleaning your motor home shade helps to keep it looking clean and new. It also removes all the dust, dirt, and other particles that could have an abrasive effect on the material over time. It is best to use a soft brush and a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to clean the material on the front and back of the shade. Rinse any remaining detergent off with water and then leave the shade to dry before packing it away or using it again. Vacuuming your shade before cleaning it can also help to remove dust and other debris.

Cleaning your windshield

Affixing a shade to your windshield requires some friction between the two surfaces to allow the shade to stick securely. When you’re cleaning your RV’s windshield, make sure you don’t use any slick treatments on the glass. Doing so will reduce the friction between the windshield and the material surrounding the magnets, meaning your shade could come loose or even fall off.

Digitally printed shades require a little extra care as the pattern printed on them can be more susceptible to scratching than plain shades. But whichever product you have, looking after it in the ways listed here should make it last in good condition for a long time. Get in touch with us if you have any more questions about maintaining your RV shades.

Product Review Update from Get Gone with US

Posted on: November 13, 2019 at 3:13 pm, in by Greg Kupka

Check and Cheryl from Get Gone with US have done a brief review of their Magne Shades.  You’ve seen them previously install their shades so now they are letting us know what they’ve thought of the shades in actual use over the past months.

They sent along a nice note as well.

“We have been living full time in our RV for 4 months now and we really love the Magne Shade. We are still getting a lot of questions from people who have seen our first video showing the installation. Now that we are full time, there are a lot of people in the campgrounds coming up to us and asking about them, because they saw how easy they were to install. … They are definitely a must have and that is what we said in the video about the Top 5 Must Haves for Full Time RV Living.”

They also talk about a few other pretty neat items that we think the company coach might need to get upgraded with.

Follow along on their adventures on their YouTube channel:

Customize Your RV with Printed Shades from Magne Shade

Posted on: October 29, 2019 at 5:20 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

Want to add some character to your RV and show off your personality? Then don’t settle for a plain black shade; go for one of Magne Shade’s custom-printed shades instead. Turn heads on the road and show off the things you and your family love. If you want to know more about our custom printed shades, read on…

How to get a printed shade

It’s simple; just select the “custom print” option when ordering your RV shade and selecting its fabric type. You can either upload a photo you’ve taken yourself or enter the Photo ID from one of our recommended stock photo sites – Bigstock Photos or Dreamstime. We’ll add custom printing to your order for an extra price – $200 for class B/C windshields, $395 for class A windshields. The cost of the stock image from one of the above websites is included in the price. Try to avoid just taking an image you find through a Google search as you may not have permission to use this.

How to take high-quality photos for your shade

Considering the dimensions of your windshield, you should choose an image that’s oriented horizontally rather than vertically, i.e. a landscape image. Try not to choose a crowded image with details going all the way to the edge. The edges of the image are likely to get cut off for most windshields, so make sure the details you like are nice and central.

Photos you use from the stock image websites will be high-quality and ready to use on your shade. If you choose to take your own photo, you need to make sure that its quality is good enough to be printed in a large format. We recommend a minimum resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Photos taken on smartphones may not be up to scratch, so check their properties before you submit them.

Choosing an image for your printed shade

When it comes to choosing an image to be displayed on your motorhome, the opportunities are practically endless. You might want an impressive landscape or landmark, like the Grand Canyon. Animal photos are also a popular choice. Or why not choose something a little more abstract and artistic? Browsing those stock photo websites will give you lots of ideas.

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, you could choose a photo you took on one of your family holidays, or the logo of your favorite sports team. If you use your RV for commercial purposes, then you could even get your company logo printed on the shade.

If you’re ready to spruce up your motor home, choose your image and contact us to get your custom shades printed.

Keeping Your Pet Happy and Comfortable on Your Motor Home Vacation

Posted on: October 29, 2019 at 5:18 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

Motor home vacations are the perfect way to have fun and spend some quality time with family. And a key part of many American families is their pets. If you go on vacations and road trips with your pets, then you’ll want to make sure they’re happy and comfortable throughout the trip. So, we’ve pulled together some tips to help you make your RV a suitable space for your pets.

Familiarize your pet with the RV

If it’s your pet’s first motor home vacation, then it’s a good idea to introduce them to the vehicle before the trip. Let them explore it and bring in some of their toys and their bed to make them more comfortable. Also, have a quick test drive to get them used to the movement and the sound of the engine.

Secure pets comfortably while driving

It can be a hazard to let your pet roam freely around the RV while driving. They could jump up at you or get underneath your feet. So, make sure they are comfortable secured while you drive. A spacious crate is a safe option, or you can get pet harnesses for cars and other vehicles.

Keep your pet cool

It’s a big risk to leave your dog locked in a hot car, even for a short amount of time. So, for the safety and comfort of your pet, it’s important to keep your motor home cool and ventilated. RV shades on the windshield and windows help to block the sun’s rays. Here are some more tips for keeping your RV cool on hot days.

Let them stretch their legs regularly

When you’re planning rest breaks on your trip, you have to think of your pet’s needs as well as your own. Firstly, they might need toilet breaks more frequently than you. You should also stop regularly to let them stretch their legs and get some exercise. You can buy harnesses and leashes for small pets, like cats and rabbits, as well as for dogs.

Make sure they’re chipped

In the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing on your trip, having them chipped will help to make sure they make it back to your safely. Remember, you’ll be in unfamiliar places, so it might be easier for them to get lost if you walk your dog off the leash.

Set your RV up for the perfect vacation for you, your family, and your furry friends. Take a look at the variety of products we have in stock to shade your motor home, or get in touch with us to request a quote.

Interior vs. Exterior RV Shades

Posted on: October 14, 2019 at 1:57 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

There are various different types of shades you can buy for your RV, most of which are designed to protect your motor home from the heat and UV rays of the sun. One major difference between RV shades is whether they are fitted on the inside or the outside of your windshield/windows.

Here at Magne Shade, we sell exterior motor home shades for your windows, windshield, and even your tires. Let’s look at the differences between interior and exterior RV shades and help you decide which type is right for you.

What’s the difference between interior and exterior RV shades?

The main difference between interior and exterior shades should be obvious – one is fitted on the inside of the RV while the other is fitted on the outside of it. How each type of shade fits to the RV will depend on the make and style of the shade, but what’s consistent is that an interior shade will fit behind the glass and an exterior shade will fit in front of the glass.

Why are exterior shades better than interior ones?

Both types of shade are ideal for providing you with privacy inside your motorhome, but most people buy RV shades to help with temperature control. Motor home shades are designed to block the rays from the sun so that less heat is transmitted into the vehicle.

Based on this factor, exterior shades tend to perform better because they intercept the sun’s rays earlier than interior shades do. By the time the sunlight has reached an interior shade, it has already transmitted through the glass of the windshield or window. This means some heat has already transferred into the vehicle. The same goes in winter for insulating a vehicle from the cold outside.

Interior shades do stop most of the heat from increasing the interior temperature of the RV because the heat is trapped in between the shade and the glass. But this can cause another problem – condensation, especially when the temperature outside starts to drop. Condensation creates excess moisture inside your RV that can lead to problems like mold and rust. Exterior shades don’t create this problem.

One reason some people prefer interior shades is because they won’t get wet in bad weather, and wet shades can be unpleasant to pack away. But, for the most part, exterior shades are the better option.

If you need windshield shades to keep your RV cool on hot days, then get in touch or request a quote from Magne Shade.

What Are Tire Shades for Your Motor Home?

Posted on: September 24, 2019 at 2:20 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

Here at Magne Shade, we don’t just sell shades for your windows and windshields. We also have tire shades that fit to each of your RV’s tires. “What are tire shades?” you may ask. Read on to find out all you need to know about this product and why it’s a must-have for your RV.

What are tire shades?

Tire shades are protective covers that are placed over your tires to cover the sidewall of the tire. They are made from high-quality fabric with spring steel sewn into the hem so that they remain tight across your tire. They attach simply with an elastic strap that you place around the back of the wheel. The inner hem is cut around the central hub of the tire so that this metal hub is still visible.

Place Magne Shade’s tire shades on your tires when you’re camped out or if you store your RV in your driveway, then remove the shades and store them away once you’re ready to drive.

What are the benefits of using RV tire shades?

The main purpose of tire shades is to protect the sidewall of your tire from the weather and other external threats. In particular, the exterior grade fabric with 100% UV resistance protects your tires from sun damage. The harmful UV rays can cause gradual damage to your tires over time as well as fading. Since your tires are so crucial to the safety and control of your vehicle, it’s important that they’re well looked after. As well as the weather, tire shades can also provide protection against wildlife, such as insects and snakes.

The black material of our tires shades blends in well with your tires. And with the central hub still visible, onlookers can barely tell that shades are fitted to your tires. This makes your RV visually pleasing even with the shades on.

Tire shades are simple to set up, remove, and store away. Take the shade out of its storage back and unfold it. It’ll pop right up, ready to put into place. Then just wrap the elastic strap around the back of the wheel and you’re all set up. To store the shades, remove the strap from the back and then twist and fold it into a compact size, as seen in this video. It can then go back into its storage bag so that it barely takes up any space.

If you want tire shades or other motor home shades for your RV, get in touch with Magne Shade to request a quote, or take a look at our selection of quality products.

5 Big Benefits of Buying Magne Shade

Posted on: September 9, 2019 at 2:16 pm, in by Katie Hiatt

When you’re heading out on a road trip or vacation, you want to make sure that you’re properly prepared. That goes for your vehicle, too. If you’re driving an RV, then installing a windshield shade will make the journey much more comfortable. Read on for some of the main benefits of buying your RV shades from Magne Shade.

Blocks out the hot sun

The main purpose of RV and windshield shades is to keep the sun out of your vehicle. Our shades filter the sun so they still let light in when you need it, but they block most of the heat from the sun so your vehicle won’t get too hot inside. This makes it more comfortable for you, whether you’re driving or parked up on a sunny day. It will also reduce your energy costs as you won’t have to run the AC as much.

Protects you from UV rays

As well as blocking the heat from the sun, our shades also block 90% of its harmful UV rays. This means you and your family are safe from sunburn and the other harmful effects of the sun’s rays. You just have to remember to put sunscreen on when you leave the RV!

Quality you can count on

We use high-quality materials to craft our RV shades, so they won’t dry out and crack from repeated use and sun exposure. Our shades are made from marine grade thread with PVC coating and UV-rated binding. So, you’ll be able to use your shade for a long time without any problems, making them great value for money.

Customizable design

Choose a shade to suit your tastes with a variety of color options available for the fabric and binding. But if you want to go a step further when customizing your vehicle, we also offer digital printed shades. Choose a photo that you’ve taken or find a stock image online. Send us your photo when placing your order with us and we’ll print your custom photo on your window shade. You can even add text, as well.

Easy to set up

After the initial installation of your shade, it will be quick and easy to set up whenever you need it. Magnets are first installed into the corners of the shade and onto your windshield. Once this is done, you can simply lift the shade into place using the installation rod, so you don’t have to climb up a ladder to put your shade in place.

Are you ready to up your RV game with the help of Magne Shade? Get in touch today for more information or to request a quote.

Installs for FMCA Rally in Tucson, AZ March 2020

Posted on: August 29, 2019 at 1:02 pm, in by Greg Kupka


Installs in Tucson, AZ – FMCA 101st International Convention & RV Expo – March 26th – 29th

We are happy to announce that we will have an install team in Tucson, AZ for the FMCA 101st International Convention and RV Expo. Please note that the following guidelines must be followed in order to ensure a spot on our installation schedule.


  • All orders for new shades MUST be placed by Feb. 14th to ensure they are completed in time for the Rally
  • Your order will be shipped to you prior to the rally – If you need us to call when your order is ready to get an updated shipping address from you at that time, we are happy to do so.  Please note we will not be bringing any orders to the show, that is not a physical possibility as we don’t have room in the motor-home for everyone’s order.  As such there there will be no exceptions to this.
  • Installation appointments will be limited and SHOULD be pre-arranged prior to the rally. If you are not on the installation list prior to the show, we cannot guarantee that we will have time to add you to our schedule during the show.
  • If you are on the list, you will be contacted once our team is at the rally so we can notate your location at the rally and create a tentative schedule.  Please understand the schedule is tentative since each install and coach is different and takes a different amount of time.
  • Installs will be weather dependent.  We cannot install in the rain, as it is unsafe and the product needs dry conditions for the initial install.
  • Installation charges (paid via cash, check, or credit card) will be charged at the time of install (as we cannot guarantee ANY installs). Pricing will be announced as the event approaches.
  • For people requesting installs at the event without prior contact with our office, additional fees may apply, and their install will be completed if time allows after all pre-arranged installs.

If you have not placed your order yet, please contact our office via phone or email so that we can send you the appropriate verification information for your coach.  Note that November and December are great times to place your order to ensure plenty of time for production and shipping out to you.  This is especially true for our full-timers.

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