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Installation Tips:

  • Be sure to thoroughly read all the instructions that we send with your new Magne Shades and watch the installation videos below prior to beginning installation. Windshield shades install differently than side shades, so pay careful attention to the instructions.
  • The initial magnet installation is best performed on a warm sunny day. We do not recommend installing exterior magnets in damp or wet weather. *Once the adhesive completely cures, usually 72hrs., it will be resilient to moisture.
  • If you have upper cabinetry in your coach where the top magnets will be mounted inside, you can place the magnets on the tip of a butter knife to reach into a tight spot.  *Some windshields with interior interference will require a combination of interior and exterior magnets. In this case additional instruction will be included.
  • Do not touch the adhesive after the backing has been removed. Oils and dirt can break down the adhesive and cause weak bonding.
  • Make sure to work the magnets (that are sewn in to the shade) to the outermost point possible before placing the interior magnets in the glass. This ensures that your shade will fit tightly and wrinkle free.
  • Our office can be reached Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM (EST) with questions as well.
  1. How To Install Magne Shade™ Windshield Magnets

  2. How To Install Magne Shade™ Side Shades

  3. How To Install a Magne Shade™ Windshield Shade

  4. Additional Install Videos for your reference

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