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How to Install Your RV Shade

Posted on: August 27, 2019 at 2:16 pm, in

One of the great things about buying one of our windshield shades for your RV is that there is very little hassle involved in installing and adjusting it. After you’ve completed the initial installation, you don’t even have to get up on a ladder when you want to remove it or put it back up. Wondering how it works? We’ll take you through the set-up process in this article.

Preparing for installation

The first time you set up your windshield shade will take a little longer, but this is a one-time job. Your shade will come with strong magnets sewn into small pockets around the edge of the shade. The number of magnets will depend on the size of the shade.

Another set of magnets will be provided with an adhesive on one side so that they stick to the inside of your windshield. This adhesive is covered by a film for now. To keep each magnet separated, we recommend sticking them to a metallic surface and then sliding them off individually as you need them.

Start by cleaning the perimeter of the inside of your windshield so that it provides a clean surface for the adhesive to stick to. We recommend wiping it down with a microfiber towel and a solution of water and alcohol.

Installing your RV shade

You’ll need two people for the next steps – one on the inside of the RV with the magnets and one on the outside with the shade and a ladder. The person on the outside should line up the shade with the windshield starting with the center magnets.

When it’s in place, the person on the inside should position each magnet so that it connects with the one on the outside, securing the shade in place. Leave the film on the adhesive for now. Repeat this for each magnet. And once you’re happy with the positioning of the shade and magnets, you can remove the film from each magnet and reapply it, making sure the shade is being held in position on the outside.

You can see this process in action in our instructional YouTube video.

Adjusting your RV shade

When you want to remove your shade, just pull gently on the bottom of it to dislodge the magnets from the internal ones. When storing your shades, it is best to roll them up rather than folding them.

To put your windshield shade back up, an installation rod is included. Simply place the rod into one of the corner pockets and raise it up to meet the internal magnet of the corresponding corner of the windshield. When they come close, the magnets will snap into place. Repeat the same with the other corner. The other magnets should also match up and attract. You can tighten up the shade by gently nudging each pocket with the installation rod.

If you have any questions about installing and using Magne Shade then check out our FAQ or contact a member of our team.

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