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Digital Print

Starting at $911

With thousands of images to choose from, you're sure to find one you love! Printed Magne Shades™ are gaining popularity and its easy to see why. Upgrading to a printed shade you gets all the great features of the classic Magne Shade™ AND you can personalize it to your hobby, interest, work field, or favorite vacation spot! Our customers love the attention they get when their printed shades are on their coach.  Our Digital Prints are printed on PVC coated fabric with UV rated ink. We have just a few guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your image.


      When Choosing your image:

1.  Visit one of the suggested sites below. Simply type the topic of interest in the search bar and browse image results. We ask that you choose from these sites so that we may purchase the proper type of image for this type of printing.
                     Visit   www.dreamstime.com   or   www.bigstockphoto.com   to browse images.


 The image you choose should be oriented longer horizontally than vertically, as is the windshield on your RV. If you are choosing an image for a side window, please make sure the image shape is similar to the window shape.

RV windshields are not exactly square, as the image will be. Because your shade is custom cut to the shape of your windshield glass, it is likely that a small amount from the very edges of the image will be cut off when your shade is cut. Please choose an image that does not have anything of significance on the edge of the print.


You may submit a photo you have taken for our imaging personnel to review for use on your printed shade. Before submitting the photo please make sure it meets all the above layout criteria and is minimally 300 pixels/inch.

5.  Additional imaging fees may apply for work such as merging images or applying logos to prints.

6.  Please remember that copyright laws apply to our imaging and printing. Additional fees apply to collegiate printing and are set forth by the CLC. You are responsible for gaining approval to print any copyrighted images through the Entity that owns the copyright. You must send proof of that approval at time of ordering. 

7.  Any images not from the suggested sites must be submitted with accompanying contact information and written permission, from the artist or photographer, to use the image on your shade.