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Windshield Shades   

Our Patented Magne Shade system installs on any RV in just about 30 seconds using the power of magnetics. When using our shade system you won't need a ladder, because it installs from the ground. The fabric we use blocks up to 93% of the harmful UV rays and heat from the sun. From the second they're on - you'll notice the tremendous reduction in heat coming into your coach through the windows in your coach. This reduction in heat gain aids in the efficiency of your AC system. 
Magne Shad
es go on so quickly and with such ease that you'll use them even when you pull over for lunch. Our customers love that there is no permanent hardware to install on their coach. Customize your Magne Shade by choosing the fabric and binding color or an image to have printed on your shade. 

Windshield Shade Package $549; includes windshield shade, installation magnets, wiper covers & telescoping rod. 
Oversized windshield Package $599
Digital Print $944 (reg. price + $395 upcharge)
Designer Fabric: Sumba Mocha +$75

Shipping $39


Side Shades               

Just like our windshield shade, our side shades go on in seconds from the ground. All of our shades are custom fit to the glass area of the window.   
Choose your valance style to customize the look even more!

Door window $149
Small fixed or vertical sliding window $149
Large side $195
*Digital print side shade +$125


Flip Shades

With a simply flip of the shade you can enjoy your shade while driving or parked. If you would like a completely unobstructed view, no need to roll and store these shades- simply flip them to the full up position!  
Flip Shades $165

Tire Shades

This design covers the sidewall of the tire, protecting it from damaging UV rays. It is held in place with a strong elastic strip. The center is cut and hemmed to the hub diameter. Like all of our products, our tire shades are made right here in the USA. Our patent pending spring frame design makes storing your tire shades virtually no space! We use an exterior grade fabric with 100% UV resistance in this application. 

19.5" & under $50
22.5" & over $57


Class C

Class C windshields work the same way that Class A shades work. Our Class C shades come in a set that includes one windshield shade, one driver door window shade and one passenger door window shade.
The class C windshield shades attach just as the Class A windshield shades do. The side shades are designed to attach directly to the metal door frame.
Class C 3pc Set $395-$425




Yes, thats right! Magne Shades are available for 5th Wheel, Travel Trailers and Airstreams! Prices vary due to window sizes. Call for quote!

Ground Mats

Ground Mats can be made to match your shades. Available in a variety of sizes and all of our fabrics. These mats come with grommets installed for securing down at your site. Prices vary depending on size. Call for quote!



Storage Bags - $35 help keep your shades clean and keep pockets from collecting metal objects when being stored. Rolling your shades when they're being stored is best and helps them to lay flat on the windshield glass each time they are used. 

Mirror Cover Pair - $59
 are great for two reasons: they help keep your mirrors clean and unweathered. Made from the same materials as our shades, they are breathable and won't trap moisture. These are available for both top and side mounted mirrors. 

Prolong the life of your blades with a pair
 Wiper Covers.
They are made of the same materials as our shades, with a velcro closure on one side. Every Magne Shade windshield shade comes with a free pair. If you would like to purchase Wiper Covers separately they are $29 per pair.